Transferred from Be to Sky for financial reasons.
No fibre here but like Be, Sky has an LLU in my local exchange so I expected similar capabilities.

I struggled to maintain my Homeplug LAN connection with frequent dropouts using the Sky Router (absolutely no problems with Be).
Forced to consider a wireless solution and because I have an older Amstrad STB I tried the wireless adapter which I purchased from Sky.
The first one was taking approx 25 hours to download a 120 minute HD movie which Sky eventually decided was excessive after trying to blame all the usual connection and adapter placement areas at my house.
Second adapter was better but quite frankly would be unable to stream and would have taken about 8 hours for the same HD movie (120 mins).

Eventually updated my Sky HD+ STB to the cheaper one that has inbuilt wireless (eliminating need for the Adapter).
Went for the cheapest one because films have a limited shelf life on the Sky Box anyway before deletion so why pay for a bigger HDD.

What a transformation.

New STB downloads the same HD movie well within the time length of the film, so presumably viewing it will never catch up with downloading?
In fact gives 'available' signal within one minute of commencing download.

The galling problem is that my West Yorkshire area has FTTC but my particular spurred Cabinet has not been connected to this fibre cabinet ''for cost reasons''.

Perhaps my problems were unique but frankly the new Sky router cannot maintain my Homeplug service via its Ethernet outlets and the wireless adapter is not fit for purpose. This may be either because of its limitations or because my older STB is unable to accept faster wireless signals.

Certainly the new SKY HD+ has absolutely no problems and is well worth upgrading to if others experience similar problems.