I had a perfect ADSL line before I moved to Sky. Always connected above 6MB and when I used to type my info in at Samknows.com I was lit up green for all speeds.

My Sky Broadband went off on the 7th Feb and they dont know why. When I type my info in at Samknows.com now it says

"Congratulations, you are in a broadband enabled area.
However, the quality or length of your phone line prohibits you from receiving ADSL of any speed."

And all the speeds are now lit up red + the ADSL Max info has dropped from 6MB to 4MB.

Evertime I ring Sky they fob me off saying that they are waiting for BT so I just rang BT to see if they could give me anymore details and guess what? They claim Sky are not responding. The girl said that on the 7th Feb the BT engineer removed the Sky equipment from the exchange as it was faulty and causing the noise problem on my line. They say they contacted Sky to have them put in new equipment but Sky have failed to respond.

What the hell am I supposed to do?