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    adsl2+ connection drama ends

    This is a discussion on adsl2+ connection drama ends within the Sky Broadband help forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; well after around a week i finaly get this mess sorted out. ok here is the last and final update. ...

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      adsl2+ connection drama ends

      well after around a week i finaly get this mess sorted out.

      ok here is the last and final update.

      tonight 23/01/07 i miss a phone call from sky at around 8.30pm, so i called them back because i knew it was an update to my problem.

      On getting through to technical support, he reads my notes and can see the call contained information that my line would not handle adsl2+ and i would not be put on it, as i have the best stable line rate they can give me, and my ticket had beeen closed, well you can imagine this wound me up to boiling point.

      I said i would not accept that and said i wanted to make a complaint, he then said he could speak to the guy who had phoned me from tech 3, he went away and came back and said tech 3 had just confirmed that only 8mb was available on my line, he said he could put me through to the guy at tech 3 if i wanted to speak to him, of course i said yes, i was put through within 5 mins to the same guy that had called me.

      This guy in t3 stated that around 8pm he tried to put me onto adsl2+, but my line would not handle it, and his computer showed my router would not even sync to the adsl2+ platform, i then began to argue with him, quoting my line stats, high download speed on the 8mb sync, he then had the cheek to say that my line stats were not very good at all, and that would was the reason for no adsl2+, i then asked him if he would put that in writing and confirm that a line with my stats could not handle adsl2+, and that i wanted his name and to be put through to compains, he then said im going home my shift has finnished and transferd my call back to the orginal guy in tech 1 who had been dealing with me!!

      I told tech1 guy (who was brilliant and ive got his name) that i wanted to be put through to complaints as i wanted this took further.

      So get throught to complaints (who was in broadband section) he told me that he had spoken to his t3 coleague who confirmed yet again that he had tried to connect me to adsl2+, and that sky had no reason to lie to me or indeed limit my conection speeds, so on to line stats it was, i argued that how come with my line stats and my 600 meter distance from the exchange was adsl2+ not possible? he then said ok, to keep you happy we will put you on adsl2+ for 24 hours to see how you go, but you will have a very unstable and unusable connection.

      so passed back to t1, who said he had a t3 guy next to him loggin on to his systems (at this point i logged into my router for the stats), router was dead, busy negotiating, then it came up conected at 15997 kbps!!!, i instantly did a speed check - downloading at around 10.5mb, i had a smile on my face, tech 1 comes back to phone and asked if i had noticed or could see any change. I said yes i can, im now syncing at 16 and downloading at around 10mb to 11mb. i dont know what the t1 and t3 guy thought when i told them that, so he then appologised told me that this is the first instance he has had of someone with my "type" of problem.

      he asked me if i was happy and i said yes of course i am, im still concerned about the run around i have had if "lies" have been told, why was i not put on adsl2+ from the start?, he had no anserws for me.

      so now we have it, im syncing at 16 downloading at what i can see will not go any higher then 11mb (which im happy with).

      heres some stats:

      Last Result:
      Download Speed: 10735 kbps (1341.9 KB/sec transfer rate)
      Upload Speed: 646 kbps (80.8 KB/sec transfer rate)

      ADSL Link Downstream Upstream
      Connection Speed 15997 kbps 764 kbps
      Line Attenuation 23.0 db 12.5 db
      Noise Margin 8.9 db 13.0 db

      /usr/sbin/adslctl: ADSL driver and PHY status
      Status: Showtime Channel: FAST, Upstream rate = 764 Kbps, Downstream rate = 15997 Kbps
      Link Power State: L0
      Mode: ADSL2+
      Channel: Fast
      Trellis: ON
      Line Status: No Defect
      Training Status: Showtime
      Down Up
      SNR (dB): 8.5 12.5
      Attn(dB): 23.0 12.5
      Pwr(dBm): 0.0 12.4
      Max(Kbps): 16428 864
      Rate (Kbps): 15997 764
      G.dmt framing
      K: 239(0) 24
      R: 16 16
      S: 1 8
      D: 64 8
      ADSL2 framing
      MSGc: 62 68
      B: 238 23
      M: 1 8
      T: 2 1
      R: 16 16
      S: 0.4770 7.7037
      L: 4276 216
      D: 64 8
      SF: 111438 111436
      SFErr: 2 1
      RS: 15155698 947206
      RSCorr: 2145561 0
      RSUnCorr: 2 0

      HEC: 1 0
      OCD: 0 0
      LCD: 0 0
      Total Cells: 68206175 3231593
      Data Cells: 278197 62730
      Drop Cells: 0
      Bit Errors: 0 0

      ES: 1 1
      SES: 0 0
      UAS: 14 16
      Total time = 30 min 27 sec
      SF = 111438
      CRC = 2
      LOS = 0
      LOF = 0
      ES = 1
      Latest 1 day time = 30 min 27 sec
      SF = 111438
      CRC = 2
      LOS = 0
      LOF = 0
      ES = 1
      Latest 15 minutes time = 27 sec
      SF = 1725
      CRC = 0
      LOS = 0
      LOF = 0
      ES = 0
      Previous 15 minutes time = 15 min 0 sec
      SF = 55474
      CRC = 2
      LOS = 0
      LOF = 0
      ES = 1
      Previous 1 day time = 0 sec
      SF = 0
      CRC = 0
      LOS = 0
      LOF = 0
      ES = 0
      15 minutes interval [-30 min to -15 min] time = 15 min 0 sec
      SF = 54239
      CRC = 0
      LOS = 0
      LOF = 0
      ES = 0

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      Re: adsl2+ connection drama ends

      Glad you got somewhere in the end
      ~ Never, ever, argue with an idiot. They'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience ~

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      Re: adsl2+ connection drama ends

      indeed you sometimes have to keep trying, some listen better than others.
      Perhaps your router was off around that time he tried eh

      If any others are concerned with there speed and think they should be on adsl2+ query and raise the ticket with t1 wait for t3 as to get it sorted, and u to can hopefully get what turned out here.



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