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    Help - Sky BB before xmas?

    This is a discussion on Help - Sky BB before xmas? within the Sky Broadband help forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; Any one have any suggests for my Sky BB hell? (This is the cut down version!!) Been a happy Sky ...

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      Help - Sky BB before xmas?

      Any one have any suggests for my Sky BB hell? (This is the cut down version!!)

      Been a happy Sky Digital Customer for over 3 years and was delighted to hear Sky announce they were to offer Broadband. Even more delighted to see the fantastic prices of each package.

      I registered my interested as soon as I saw the TV ads and was pleased to hear back within a month that Sky BB was available in my area.

      I immediately contacted Sky with my Broadband access number and placed my order. My first mistake: Placing my order without my MAC code. I was told by the Sky BB Sales team that I could call back when I had the code from Orange (formerly Wanadoo). Order placed 9th September 2006.

      A few days later received my MAC code as promised from Orange and gleefully contacted Sky again. My second mistake: Failure to interogate Sales member to make sure they knew what they were doing.

      So I was now happy that my order was placed and I eagerly anticipated the smooth switch from Orange to Sky.

      Package received 14th September 2006. Everything I needed to set-up my Sky Broadband account. So despite the activation date not having passed I immediately installed Sky BB software. Activation date 22nd September 2006.

      Activation date passed. I still couldn't get online so contacted Sky. Possible delay due to high demand. Asked to wait for 10 days. Wasn't best pleased but could live with it.

      A long period of denial followed and after numerous converstaions with Sky BB Provisions a cease was requested on my line. This apparently didn't occur when I called back on the 18th October 2006. Cease requested 18th October 2006.

      Further phone calls ensued throughout the remainder of October until the 30 day time limit for the cease was up, 18th November 2006. Getting a little P@#+-d off at this point.

      22nd November called Provisions to see if line was now clear. They very quickly said yes but then stated I needed to be passed to Sales as there system was down. Went through to sales. told LLU loop still on line and cannot progress order. Very P@#+-d off!

      Spoke with Provisions again and female told me that the line was still not cleared so I asked to speak with a Supervisor. Was told Supervisor's are not Customer facing. Asked to speak with Customer Service. Placed on Hold. Told Supervisor was no available. Placed on hold. Same Call centre Girl came on the phone pretending to be Bryan! Not amused and demanded to be put through to CS. Was forwarded to CS for Sky HD!! They helped me as much as they could and advised me that they felt I still had Wanadoo markers on the line stopping them from accessing it. Was asked to obtain MAC code again.

      I questioned the fact that a Cease had been performed and that the line should then be cleared for any Broadband provider. I was then given a BT freephone number to find out who was on the line.

      Contacted BT and they told me EasyNet had markers on the line, Sky's IP provider! Contacted Sky and was told a Cease needed to be performed.

      It is now 22nd December and I am giving Sky ample time to clear my line before I attempt to go through the trauma of resolving this issue.

      Sorry for the long whinge, and thank you if you managed to make it all the way through!, any advice that anyone can give as to how I can resolve this quicker would be so much appreciated.

      Sky BB before xmas? No chance for me


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      Hiya Mate.

      This just about mirrors my experience, not from a technical perspective but from a service point of view.

      Sadly, as far as Sky & Broadband are concerned, when it goes wrong it goes spectacularly wrong. They are so desperate to get as many people signed up as fast as they can so that they can start making money that customers like me & you as viewed as an inconvenience. The front line staff are always helpful & will do whatever they can, unfortunately they can't do a lot. The people who actualy make decisions & liase with BT or schedule engineers remain untouchable behind a wall of call centre staff & automated phone systems.

      I eventually gave up asking to speak to a senior manager after numerous requests were turned down & I actually started to doubt that they exist. But surely there must be a Broadband Provisions Manager or Customer Care Manager.

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      HI Jonathan,

      Welcome on board. Same thing. Hanging in since August 2006. I was not even migrating where they needed a MAC code. It was a straightforward provision, but TIE PAIRS is the issue.(piece of wire/jumper leads that need to be sorted by BTengineer). They wont do it unless thay have at least 25 "problems" in my exchange before it becomes cost effective fo them to send one in! So i am stuck till there are enough problems.

      BTconfirms that there is a marker on the line (by easynet) and cancelling at this stage is not an option b'cos that will also take at least another 15 to 20 days. So my case is due to be revieved by BT on 8th Jan 2007.

      Tough **** man. Customer services ? WHats that then ?



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