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    Sky WiFi Speed Issues - any help appreciated!

    This is a discussion on Sky WiFi Speed Issues - any help appreciated! within the Sky Broadband help forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; Hi All, I'm new here and having had a read of teh forum I'm still bewildered by my issue! I'm ...

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      Sky WiFi Speed Issues - any help appreciated!

      Hi All,

      I'm new here and having had a read of teh forum I'm still bewildered by my issue! I'm really hoping you can help me, I love technology but am lacking some of the basic knowledge, which may be why I'm in a mess! Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

      I have Sky Broadband superfast and every test i do indicates the speed coming into the house is fine. The problem appears to start once the broadband gets in the house. I have the latest Sky router, a Sky Q silver box and 3 Sky Q minis.

      I also have LOADS of wifi connected things such as Sonos (18 sonos products i think), 20+ wifi plugs, weather station, doorbell cameras and chimes plus a myriad of TVs, playstations, ipads and iphones. I'm very aware the sheer number of devices connected to my router is what is causing my problem. However, I'm reluctant to switch any of them off or change the home setup, it all works really well (albeit very slowly!). I think there are c. 60 devices connected at any one time.

      We also have outbuildings with TVs and Sonos products in them so range is a bit of an issue too. We have a couple of dead spots in the house and some of the wifi cameras furthest from the router drop out regularly and when they do connect it's very slow.

      I thought the answer might be to add some wi-fi boosters (i added 4 Netgear EX6410 boosters) this really helped with the dead spots and meant all the cameras stayed connected. However, I subsequently discovered Sonos didn't like extenders and neither does Sky Q. The speeds when phones etc connected to the booster were incredibly slow and there was lots of drop outs/lost connections as devices transferred from extender to router etc.

      I thought it might be best to add a mesh system instead of the extenders (the extenders are all now off again) and after research ordered a Google nest wifi router with 2 satellites (it arrives tomorrow) but i understand this may not actually work with the Sky router and it also causes issues with Sonos (both of which i read after ordering!). I've also got a Netgear Orbi Ultimate system coming, but I have no idea if this will work any better or not.

      I've subsequently ordered and ASUS DSL AC68U router which also arrives tomorrow which I was planning to use to replace the sky router, but again i understand it will cause issues with Sky mini boxes possibly and also it doesn't allow the phone to plug in (we have one of Sky's new internet phone numbers.

      Any help or advice would be appreciated, I'm at my wits end and I can't take my children complaining anymore about the slow wifi (first world problems, i've told them to be grateful they have internet full stop!)

      Thank you so much in advance.


      PS I have Sky broadband boost as well but i have no idea what this does or how it is supposed to help. Generally when i do a speed test we're lucky to get over 8mpbs (yes 8, the line coming in says it's capable of 72mbps).

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      Re: Sky WiFi Speed Issues - any help appreciated!

      Sorry but it sounds to me you need to change network provider because the stuff you are running is overloading the main router.
      I am not very good at sorting routers out but we have had problems just with the wifi it is really bad in our house so we have now decided to move to virginmedia and signed up to the 300mbps and hoping there wifi is better.
      to me it sounds like you need VM speeds to sort your problem out.
      We have the Sky q router 2nd generation we have had extenders for the wifi but we had to keep turning them off and on every few days the only thing i have running now is a switcher which runs fine because like yourself i have a few bits running just normal stuff like 3 computers, phones, printer, xbox, a bit of Netflix, amazon prime films thats about it.
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      Re: Sky WiFi Speed Issues - any help appreciated!

      As your telephone service is through your Sky hub replacing it with a third party router is not currently a feasible option.

      Unlike the earlier Sky Q hubs which only had two Ethernet ports you have the luxury of four. Are you making any use of them?
      My suggestion would be to connect your main Sky Q box using cat 5E network cable and to use two of the remaining ports to supply Wi-Fi access points (APs) which will give better performance than Wi-Fi extenders (though not sure how well SkyQ minis will work with them).

      If running cables is a problem the longest could be replaced with a pair of Powerline adaptors. Although some of them incorporate a Wi-Fi AP unless you have a socket outlet in the optimal position for an AP I would use standard Powerline adaptors and a separate AP.

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      Re: Sky WiFi Speed Issues - any help appreciated!

      Cisco Select Certified Partner here. Largest WiFi network I've designed so far was across about 7 acres of buildings.

      You had me at 20 WiFi plugs.

      Those things don't actually extend your WiFi network by the way. They just duplicate it 20 times. Hello channel congestion. And this is why you're having abrupt handovers between router WiFi and extender WiFi.

      What really needs to happen here is a re-think in terms of density and throughput.

      You also seem to be ordering everything under the sun. Congratulations for getting such a bewildering tech budget past the husband/Wife. I run an IT company and even I wouldn't get away with that :0)

      My recommendations are as follows:

      - Yes you need some form of home mesh WiFi solution. This is going to have the closest parity to the kind of systems that we would deploy in a commercial environment. That means throwing those 20 plug-in boosters an the Netgear boosters in the bin. Perhaps save a couple of them for the outbuildings via Powerline. Coverage and dead spots are NOT the most difficult factors for modern WiFi environments as you are now discovering.

      - You need to ensure coverage but also a) access points are not too close together b) you do not have too many devices to an AP. Having less-but-better APs is therefore a good idea.

      - If I was going to go and buy some home WiFi units tomorrow it would probably be TP-Link as their equipment while basic and cheap at least tends to work. I'm not a Netgear fan and the BT ones max out at six units How many Deco units can I have in my home? | TP-Link (

      - WiFi on your current router would preferably be turned OFF. Better to put one of the new home WiFi units in that location! Not sure how that affects Sky Q though.

      - You may also need to consider if the router can handle the amount of clients connected to it in general. If not you could consider changing the router itself which I believe is possible with Sky if you know how.
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