I'm experiencing intermittent connection issues this last few months. We had zero issues with our old sky router, but ever since switching to Sky Q we've had a number of problems. Throughout the day I'm experiencing points at random where the internet will be painfully slow or disconnect entirely, sometimes for minutes at a time. As an example, at the moment I just sent a message on microsoft teams which normally shows as "sent" immediately, and it took 8 seconds to show as sent.

I posted my settings on the official Sky forum and was advised that my broadband signal is strong but that it's down to WiFi where the q router just isn't that great (wonderful!) I'm averse to now paying an extra fee (and being tied into an additional contract) for this Sky Boost thing with the new 4.2 hub. I expected the Sky Q hub to be better than the old router, not worse! So I have some other questions:

  • I saw someone on another thread recommend splitting the SSID. I'm assuming this is just a case of unchecking "Synchronise 2.4ghz and 5ghz settings" in the router control panel under Wireless Settings? I did however read somewhere that this can cause issues with the Sky Q box, is this true if I leave the 2.4ghz name set as it was before? It was my partner we upgraded to Sky Q for and I'll get it in the ear if the telly/recording setup goes awry.
  • Is there anything else I can do here to speed things up? For example, I used to restrict access using MAC encryption. On the current setup we've just left it with the WPA2-PSK password. However I also notice it has "Enable WPS" checked on this router. Would switching that off potentially help, without introducing security issues?
  • Finally, I tried using a wifi analyser and I noticed something odd. My wifi shows up on band 6 (where I manually set it) and that's ideal because everything else nearby shows up on 11 or 1. However I also see another version of my ID on band 1. What would this be? For example, mine shows as "SKYD1B40 6" on channel 6, but I also see "SKYD1B40 1" on channel 1 where it has overlap with other networks.

Thanks in advance for anyone taking the time to read or reply!