Hello all,

New to the forum, hoping to get some advice for some frustratingly annoying intermittent line drops. This started at the beginning of February and is still not fixed. Numerous Openreach visits (stating they had replaced "faulty" connectors, cut down overheanging branches on nearby overhead cables, router swaps (now on model er115), radio interference checks (though nobody came to my home to do this check), etc etc. Sky / Openreach have now said there is "nothing more that can be done" and refuse to come out again. I am at the end of my tether and I am even thinking of moving house because of it. Sky / BT have left me completely high and dry without any further advice.
So .... I am having to analyse this myself, as best I can. The latest analysis that I have read up on is checking the noise margin on my router. I previously read that this should not dip below 6.5Db, ideally. With my router, downstream is always above 6.5Db, but upstream rarely gets above that figure, usually hovering around 5.5Db - is this a potential issue?
Also, with downstream, the noise margins for DS2 and DS3 are 0.0 and for upstream, US2 is 0.0 - is this "normal"?

Any help would be gratefully welcome as my previously thick, full head of hair is rapidly thinning :-(

Here is a snapshot of my router stats :

Thanks!Click image for larger version. 

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