Currently had this connection for just over a year and have previously not had problems with it , ping has remained consistently low (10-30 depends on game etc) and never had any problems previously.

Though, since about a month ago, the ping has had a tendency to spike up to 300 and fluctuate from 100-300, never finding a stable number, and this happens particularly in the evenings, though I feel the frequency has been increasing more and more.

So I phoned up Sky, currently on ADSL but wishing to upgrade to Fibre, although the infrastructure is not set out so that isn't possible at this point. When I told them about the problem too, they suggested to change the channel on the 5ghz band, even though I told them that I was using my connection through an Ethernet cable not wireless...

Perhaps my router is poor/defunct? I purchased an ASUS RT-AC51U but am pretty bad with technology so it was a failure trying to set it up, though I believe I need to purchase a modem too to get it to work - could anyone possibly help?