Hi, we had a sky hub and sky Q box installed a few weeks ago and all was working ok for a while we were getting aroun 30mbps downloads and about 8/9mbps upload.

Now when trying to stream tv on sky q box or on tablets more often than not we get buffering, poor quality and a speed test just there showed 1.6mbps download and 0 upload. When trying to get to the bottom of it we noticed on the WIFI analyser app there were 2 sky ssid's showing. I switched the sky q box off and the internet speeds almost immediatley recovered to about 22mbps download and 6 upload, making it usable again. But switching the sky q box back on and it's dreadful again.

I then tried connecting the sky Q box by powerline adapter and i get ok downloads but still 0 upload. What else could be the problem? We have no mini boxes so no need to have the hotspot activated on the sky q box. We just want to be able to use sky q and tablets/phones etc on wifi at the same time!

Thanks in advance.