I have a TP-Link TL-PA7020P AV1000 2 Gig port homeplug kit which I want to use with the sky hub SR-102 router (Black box).
At the moment I have a PC connected to the homeplug which is connected at the other end to a sky hub. The PC is working fine I can browse the internet and connectivity is stable. A Synology NAS is connected directly to the sky hub which also works fine.

Strange things happen when I connect a laptop to the second ether port on the homeplug and connect it to the sky hub.
Once the ethernet cable is connected nothing works, no WiFi or internet. With a laptop connected directly I can ping the hub IP but thats it no other devices. The devices connected via the homeplug shows limited connectivity (laptop and PC, the PC worked fine all along). Unplug the laptop from the sky hub and everything goes back to normal.

This happens with the white sky hub as well and I am using a second set of homeplugs.

Could the electric cabling or the homeplugs be causing the sky hub to act up this way the moment I add a device?

Any help would be appreciated.