I am sky broadband 17 meg and wanted to get Fibre here is the story:

Early last year about feb i checked on bt asdl checker ii said would be available end of march 2014.

Checked towards the end of march date changed to dec 31st 2014.

Checked middle of dec 2014 changed again to end of sep 2015.

The reason they gave was they were in talks with the local authority about moving the cabinet.

Got hold of the local council they said planning was granted in 2012 to move the box and no record of any talks taken place with bt since then

Sent Bt/openreach a email stating what the council told me never had a reply.

Just been on the checker it has moved from end of sep 2015 to mar 2017. and the ref to moving the box and talks has been taken off

I am served by cabinet 11 bridgend exchange 300 mtrs from my house and 800 mtrs from the exchange.

Everyone parallel to me can get it and people living the same distance from the exchange in opposite direction can get it

All i wanted was explanation why i can not get it.

All it says now cabinet is to be enabled between april2016/march2017 no mention of any work involved.