This info may have already been posted elsewhere, but for those who are fed up with phoning TS or CS, or emailing them, you should consider using the formal complaints process. You need to write to CS to lodge the complaint, preferably by recorded delivery. Basically, they then have 3 months to resolve the complaint to your satisfaction (yes, I know that will seem like a lifetime!), but this can be shortened if they do nothing, or they send you a "deadlock" letter (you can ask them to do this if you're getting nowhere) which means they cannot/will not do anyrthing more to resolve your complaint. If you get that far, check out which is the ombudsman that Sky Broadband is registered with. The website tells you what do do next. I'm doing this right now in relation to being on the wrong package (Connect rather than Base), but I'm sure many other people could use this route. Knowledge is power!!