I been using Netflix for almost a year on Sky llu on a small exchcange sky upgraded themself in a tiny village All speed tests and downloads from good servers max me out at any time of day any day of the week.Even from other country's. download speed being 9.2mbit
Suddenly Netflix has started only playing at 720p 3mbit even tho my line is still synced at 9.2mbit or so and speed tests and everything etc remain as fine as usual.

I used to get constant 7000kbit 1080 super hd as they call it playback. Interestingly a device i rarely use netflix on my Wii u still plays everything at 1080p and gets 7mbit but all my smart tv's one uses ethernet only gets 3000kbit 720p suddenly. (if someone could explain why the Wii u is unaffected by this id love to know)
I talked to Netflix since my connection in all tests i do shows max speed and they said they could see large speed fluctuations and my downstream speed from them was incredibly unstable and to contact my isp.

Weird thing is i did a very long ping test to Amsterdam server, Newyork server and a German server added to my speed tests to check for packet loss. Nothing, ping incredibly stable like usual so i do not believe it is my connection

But to be sure it is not Sky has anyone else noticed any issues with Netflix? Maybe it is not quite as good quality as usual or buffering or if its started loading stuff slower, anything over past few weeks?

Cheers for anyone who replies.