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    7 weeks of hell

    This is a discussion on 7 weeks of hell within the Sky Broadband help forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; Where do I start? For the past 7 weeks i've had connection problems with my broadband service. These are the ...

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      7 weeks of hell

      Where do I start?
      For the past 7 weeks i've had connection problems with my broadband service. These are the main problems.
      1. I lose connection when using the telephone.
      2. Lose connection if I click on a weblink.
      3. If I try to download a large file I will lose connection after average 20mb downloaded.
      4. Unable to load pages which are full of graphics.
      5. It can take a considerable amount of time to connect - 2 saturdays ago it took over 4 hours.
      I could go on and on. On the telephone front there is always noise on the line when i'm also on the web.
      Been in contact over and over again with customer services but all i'm told is to change this cable, change that cable or have I got microfilters plugged in. Wrote a letter of complaint but no reply. To be honest they don't seem all that interested.
      It got to the stage now when i'm considering seeking legal advice next week on what my next step should be. Disgraceful service from Sky considering monthly payments are still being taken from bank account but service provided is useless.

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      Re: 7 weeks of hell

      Hello petertinc57 and welcome to the forum.

      The first two issues describe a line fault perfectly. Have you had any visits from a BTO Engineer?

      I would also suggest asking about the possibility of Sky supplying you with a mobile dongle and refunding you any charges required to top it up. Of course you should keep all receipts, but most importantly ask first and record the conversation (note: name, date & time too).

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      Re: 7 weeks of hell

      Unfortunately you need to jump through the hoops and follow their troubleshooting script. I must say I have recently found the experience of calling regular customer broadband technical support a real PITA when compared with the nice (more helpful) people you get on the staff support lines.

      They will send an engineer out but only after troubleshooting has been completed as otherwise you will get an Openreach visit charge if it's found to be a router, or microfilter or internal setup issue.

      Basically you will need to phone technical.
      You will do the first troubleshooting.
      They will suggest you try different modem cable and/or microfilter. They can send you new ones for free.
      Then if these don't fix it you need to call them again and redo some more troubleshooting.
      If still not resolved it's then passed to CST - the Customer Solutions Team (tier 2 support). They are the people who will double check the troubleshooting and then book the Openreach engineer.

      Is the broadband okay with no other devices connected to the phone socket?
      Is the phone noisy with just it connected to the microfilter?
      If yes to either then this will be an internal fault. (you might know this already)

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      Re: 7 weeks of hell

      there are various reasons for this happening if you have eliminated microfilters and dsl cable also check using another telephone some cordless phones can make noise especially when a call being made either because of proximity or wireless cross over, also check this also from test socket if you have 1 as this can also happen due to issues with internal wiring, if still same things happening after these checks this should be raised to CST (escalations team) if nothing happens ask for a manager

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      Re: 7 weeks of hell

      Apart from any fault it looks like you have a very slow connection. Please post your router stats from the normal position and then from the Test socket. Use only the ADSL cable and filter supplied with your router. Do not use a trailing telephone extension. If you do not have a test socket, disconnect everything from the phone line and connect the router to the master socket.

      How to get your Sky Router statistics

      How to test your ADSL in the Master Test Socket


      Please note the views and recommendations in my posts are my own and in no way reflect the views of SkyUser.

      Useful Utilites TCPOptimiser /Test Socket

      Note - When downloading always select the Custom install or you will end up with stuff you don't want.



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