Up to last thursday my connection was faultless (connect 8mb), everything worked great, thursday evening router started dropping the connection even though snr was above 14, swapped back to the Sky router and all seemed ok then that started been stupid again locking up all the time, swapped back to my linksys router and connection solid again apart from since then if i try to download anything through bittorrent the speeds are all over the place, 1 minute nothing the next ok then nothing again, but the really strange thing is that when using the torrent client very often if i try to use the internet for anything else i cant get anywhere, tried a tracert and get the first 2 hops then everything times out till it gets to the last hop which shows fine, at all times i am unable to surf the torrent is still downloading, then all of a sudden the rest of the internet comes back to life for a short while
anybody got any ideas? only thing i can think of is that maybe i used more than my allotted 40Gb as Thursday was the last day of my current billing month and Sky are screwing my connection up by dropping loads of packets while i have a torrent running