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    Sky Broadband Pro FAQ

    This is a discussion on Sky Broadband Pro FAQ within the Sky Broadband help forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; This FAQ is intended to answer any questions that members may have about the new Pro products. It is work ...

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      Sky Broadband Pro FAQ

      This FAQ is intended to answer any questions that members may have about the new Pro products. It is work in progress and will be added to as new information is known. If you spot an error or have info to add, please post and it will be incorporated into the FAQ. If you have any questions, please ask. However, to keep the FAQ and posts relevant, please do not use this thread to discuss your opinion of the merits of the products and in particular don't use it to discuss your view of their worth or value for money. If any member has views on these points then please start an appropriate thread.

      Sky Broadband Pro FAQ

      At the beginning of April 2014 with the majority of ex O2/BE customers moved either to Sky or to another ISP, Sky began to offer an enhanced ADSL product and service to those customers, called Sky Broadband Unlimited Pro (SBUP). At the same time it also adjusted its fibre product, Sky Fibre Unlimited Pro (SFUP), to match some of the new features, keeping the same name.

      Since then both products have started to be available to all existing and new customers but at the time of writing, they are not universally available and are still new products undergoing change and adjustment before being actively marketed by Sky.

      What are the main differences between the standard and Pro products?

      All Pro customers get:
      • access to a private forum
      • a dedicated support team with dedicated call centre number and Live Chat facilities
      • choice of a static or dynamic IP (exchange dependant for SFUP)

      SBUP customers get:
      • the ability to request line profile changes not generally available to non Pro customers

      What do you mean by "Private Forum"?

      BE customers had a forum that was only accessible to BE customers. Sky has currently* decided to have a Pro forum that is only accessible to Pro customers. Sky's system limits access to the forum based on being able to recognise whether the visitor is a registered Pro customer or not, so is only accessible when logged into

      *It may be that once the Pro products begin to be actively marketed, access may be made more widely available but this is only conjecture at the moment.

      Why a dedicated support team, who are they and where are they based?

      When Sky acquired BE it also took a number of the BE staff. The team supporting the Pro product customers are technically competent, at least equivalent to Sky CST and are/were highly regarded by BE customers. They are based in Sofia in Bulgaria and though not native English speakers have excellent English language skills.

      As the customer base of Pro customers grow there will need to be an increase in support capacity. How Sky intend to do this is unknown.

      How does a Pro customer get access to Pro support?

      Sky Pro customers have a dedicated support number that they can call and also a dedicated Live Chat facility accessible through My Sky. Both are available 7am to 11pm, 7 days a week and go straight through to the Pro team without having to go through any first level support.

      How do I get a static IP?

      A Pro customer has access to a Sky Broadband Pro section within My Sky. In that section, along with the Live Chat facility and contact number, there's a radio button to select static IP as On or Off. Selecting On will trigger a static IP to be set up, usually within a couple of hours, together with an email confirmation.

      Note: there may be exchange/equipment issues where Sky is unable to offer a static IP. This is particularly true for SFUP customers where the exchange has to be "static IP capable". Sky customers who want a static IP should check with Sky before placing a Pro order.

      Can I have multiple static IP addresses?

      No. Unlike BE, Sky is only offering a single static IP address for their Pro customers.

      Is there a set IP range used for Static IPs and what location will that geo-locate to?

      Currently Sky appears to be using the range which is registered to Sky in London. There are currently no plans to split the Static IP network into regional vlans to give more accurate IP based geo-location.

      If static IP is available, is Reverse DNS (rDNS) also available?

      This is not currently on the product roadmap though it is a popular feature request by a number of Pro customers and may change in the future.

      What line profile changes are available?

      For SFUP customers none currently. For SBUP customers there is a choice of target noise margin (3db, 6db, 9db etc), and Fastpath or Interleaving. Whilst they do have the capability to manually adjust interleaving levels (depth/delay) they will usually let this be set by DLM. If the agent refers to something called "Gaming Mode", this is just non-tech speak for Fastpath. Ditto, "Speed Mode" is a 3db profile.

      Can I get faster speeds with a Pro product?

      For SFUP no. For SBUP it may be that certain line conditions will respond better to manual profiling than through DLM. Most lines will perform exactly the same.

      How do I request line profile changes?

      Currently this has to be done by the dedicated support team (phone or live chat). It is planned that this functionality will also be available through My Sky in the future, allowing the Pro customer to make the changes themselves.

      How often can I request changes?

      As often as you wish. Any Pro customer requesting a change is encouraged by the support team to maintain a dialogue through any changes to ensure the optimum line profile for their particular need and preference.

      What about DLM?

      DLM runs as usual on a Pro connection unless fastpath is selected in which case DLM is turned off.

      Who are the Pro products aimed at?

      Primarily, customers who want a fixed IP address and SBUP customers who want a particular line profile set e.g. for gaming. Other than that Pro customers may value being able to easily access a dedicated high level support team.

      How do I get either of the Pro products?

      Ask. Though not yet universally available, availability is good.

      I am an existing SBU/SFU customer. Can I get Pro?

      If available, yes. Placing an order in the morning will usually get provisioned that day. Placing an order in the afternoon may not be provisioned until the following morning. Note: provisioning will not be done over the weekend so an order placed on a Friday afternoon will probably not get provisioned until the following Monday.

      How much do the Pro products cost?

      Currently, both products cost the base product price plus 5 per month. So, standard prices + 5 per month for new customers and current price (standard or discounted) + 5 per month for existing customers. Deals may be available on an individual basis.
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