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    PPPOE to PPPOA Bridge

    This is a discussion on PPPOE to PPPOA Bridge within the Sky Broadband help forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; Hi, I've been a Sky Broadband Unlimited customer for a few months. Last weekend I finally got round to getting ...

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      PPPOE to PPPOA Bridge


      I've been a Sky Broadband Unlimited customer for a few months. Last weekend I finally got round to getting my Billion 7800N hooked up to Sky. Once I extracted my username and password from the stock router, I had no problem getting the 7800N online. There was no need for MAC cloning or anything. All good so far.

      I recently signed up to Private Internet Access (VPN) and manged to to get the 7800N to connect to their VPN and all devices behind the router are working nicely. However, the 7800N doesn't accept a hostname in the VPN address field, only an IP. This is annoying because their IPs change often, so I have to keep updating my router settings when an IP goes offline. I got on to reading about DD-WRT and the OpenVPN client support, but quickly discovered the 7800N isn't supported.

      I bought a Linksys E900, and hoped to connect the WAN port to the 7800N and use the 7800N purely as a modem (pure bridge mode). This is where it all falls apart, and where my limited knowledge reaches its limits.

      I connect to Sky using PPPOA. I know this, because the 7800N's auto-detect function tells me everything about the connection it was making before I switched it to 'pure bridge'. Right now I simply want to plug the 7800N into my computer's LAN port, and create a standard PPPOE connection to the internet. However, because I connect to Sky using PPPOA, my PC cannot connect. I've tried a PPPOE connection from my Mac also, and also from the E900 (pluged into the WAN port).

      Am I right in saying that the problem is the difference between my PPPOA connection to Sky and the PPPOE connection from the device (PC/Mac/E900)?

      I've got two old Netgear DG834G v4 routers which I switched to 'modem only', and got the same result as with the 7800N. Unless I've got really broken hardware (and terrible luck), I'm convinced its something to do with this PPPOE/PPPOA conflict.

      Is there a solution that lets transforms a PPPOE connection into PPPOA so that I can connect to Sky?

      Thanks for bearing with me this far. Any help is very much appreciated.


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      Re: PPPOE to PPPOA Bridge

      You could try giving your E900 a fixed address in the same range as the Billion and put this into the DMZ of the Billion. Connect a Billion ethernet port to the WAN port of the E900 and this is about as near as you will get to modem only mode. The address range of the E900 should be different from the Billion to give you a second network. I don't know if this will solve your problem with the VPN, but it is worth a try.

      This may give you an idea of the requirements.


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