Sadly I am not surprised that the staff in the call centres do not always pick this up. They have a crib sheet to follow and often things like this are not picked up because there isn't room for it. They have to follow the crib sheet as they are monitored and if it is not followed they get told off.

As a direct result of this and other threads like this on the Sky forum, the issue was spotted and reported to the development team in Sky. Through a little further work a beta group has been set up and Sky I believe are now working to get this properly resolved before the next firmware release.

Whilst it your problem was not picked up correctly sooner, for which I am sorry, this is a major step forward IMHO and should be beneficial to both yourself and everyone else with this router.

Currently I do not know what the state of play is with the firmware or beta group as I personally am not in it. The solution which you have at the moment should work well in the mean time.