i have been having problems between about 5pm and 8am everyday it drops connection within 20 mins each time. it is getting annoying.

i have tried another filter, test socket and did all the troubleshooting steps given by sky support and customer solution team atleast 6 times now and still got the problem. strange thing is they keep trying the same tests again and again, which is pointless.

i have even had a engineer out and fitted a pre-filtered faceplate and checked the connection between my house and the exchange. i still got the problem.

the only rest bite that i have had is when either sky or DLM don't know which upped the noise margin to about 11.5 from 6.5 and is stablised the problem until the next day when the noise margin was reduced again to normal 6.5.

i am waiting on sky customer solutions team to phone me back yet again.

i have seen several people with this problem on here and the official sky forums.

i use the stockton on tees exchange