Was gaming last night and after about 7pm my latency started to skyrocket from the usual ~60 in rift to between 200 and 600. Checked nobody was using the connection, rebooted etc and no fix.
Ping to bbc shot up to 700, downstream from multiple speedtest.net tests dropped below 1mb (i connect at 14mb).

Ran over to a friends house who is also with sky but is on fibre, speedtest for him was 2.2mb (connects at 40mb) and ping was 150 to the speedtest servers.

I've had this before a few months ago when the connection would die a death and become almost unusable after 6pm most days, especially weekends. Hope this isn't the beginning of a repeat case. Last time it took over a month to resolve and sky fobbed me off with gaming profiles etc etc, anything but taking the blame themselves. Then it just miraculously disappears without a word, I expect more capacity was added to the exchange.

I don't mind a little instability in max throughput, but ping shooting up 10 fold is something I cannot excuse, even doubling is rediculous.

I saw there were outages on sky over the past day or two but not sure how they affect northern ireland connections, god knows what way we're routed these days.