I was meant to go live on the 29/9.

29th past called for an update was told there is a delay of 7+ days due to BT, called a few days later for an update told that BT can not find the end of my line , told I would get a call-back the following day with an update.

Waited no call back, called sky, they have no record of this conversation!, told no problem with order just waiting on BT, I asked to speak to a supervisor, put on hold for 20 minutes then a so called supervisor told me he has identified the problem and it was sky's fault the order was not put through correctly new date given 9/10.

Called back again as date passed still no ADSL, surprise! Surprise! there is no record of this conversation, told nothing to worry about BT delay!! told they would pass on to the recovery team..

Yesterday the phone starts ringing on its own, first though they must be messing around at the exchange putting me live, get home the phone line is worse than ever, crackling really bad, and no ADSL, called Sky to ask, first told not to worry that its still progressing with BT, I explained I was loosing patients, put on hold while agent spoke to team leader, told there is a problem at the exchange faulty equipment, could take weeks to resolve!

I can not believe that I am having all these problems, I was with Easynet before I signed up with sky, no issues.. so annoying, if I cancel now told it could take 30 days for all line markers to come off!!