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    Could my XNTE be causing me problems?

    This is a discussion on Could my XNTE be causing me problems? within the Sky Broadband help forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; Evening all, Just looking for some advice really, i have been having a few issues with disconnects on my line ...

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      Could my XNTE be causing me problems?

      Evening all,

      Just looking for some advice really, i have been having a few issues with disconnects on my line as of late and i just cant pin point the reason to why it is. i have one of these horrible XNTE's so i dont have a test socket to play with. A brief outline of my setup, i live in a new build so i have alot of phone sockets round the house 7 in total. I have a filtered faceplate on the 1st socket into my house which my billion 7800n router is plugged into as well as my cordless telephone. I dont actually have anything else plugged into any of the sockets in the house so i had considered disconnecting the daisy changed extensions from my filtered faceplate asi wont be using them.

      I'll post my current stats as well

      Uploaded with

      My line is setup for g.dmt as its rather long! I decided to check my XNTE as i cant help but think these things cant be that weather resistant. When i opened it up i can safely say it was damp inside and the wires looked to be dirty and wet. I have a picture below

      Uploaded with

      Just curious to know if damp wet wires could be a cause for disconnects and very low SNR's throughout the day, what do you think?

      Thanks again

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      Re: Could my XNTE be causing me problems?

      tbh It doesn't look like anything is wrong there.

      All the connections look fine, the black cable on the left is the BT one imo and the white is the internal ones.

      Only pins 2 and 5 look to be connected, thus negating an issue with a ring wire. (Blue/White and White/Blue are the only needed ones) And these look to be in fine order.

      Your upload speed is very low though, it looks to me like you have been capped as it is reading 416 (possibly for stability reasons)

      As for download speed, I feel that you are about at the limit tbh
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      Re: Could my XNTE be causing me problems?

      I've not seen the insides of one of those before, however it looks as though it's been wired up bypassing the 'gubbings'. Don't know if there's any relevance, but looks as though the Incoming bt cable should be connected to the red block, with your white cable connected to the clear block on the right. If there's any functioning parts in the 'block' that is being bypassed, your line may be being affected.

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      Re: Could my XNTE be causing me problems?

      Mine line comes in from a pole across the road into a simple junction box. Two wires only out of about eight, no bell wire, and no gubbinses, just a straight connection into the house wiring!

      Just make sure that the connectors are high up (above the yellow thingy) with the wires below. That way, no water can run into the connectors.
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      Re: Could my XNTE be causing me problems?

      The XNTE box was installed so that BTO's responsibility ended outside the home and they could do testing there instead of going inside.

      However when it comes to ADSL2+ the connection speed is often affected as people can't use the Master Socket or fit a filtered faceplate.

      When FTTC was launched, the XNTE found itself sent to the graveyard and should no longer be installed with new properties.

      With regards to the example that craney33 has posted above, a BTO Engineer has bypassed the XNTE's Test Socket and I hope he has fitted a proper NTE5 socket inside. The Engineer has also used Gel Crimps to join the wire from the cabinet to the internal wiring. These prevent any corrosion as no air will get to the copper.

      So other than changing the wire from the XNTE to the NTE5 socket to CW1128 and using gel crimps on that join, there is very little else which can be done here.

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