Sadly your connection isn't any better using the microfilter and Sky ADSL lead. I would suggest that you go back to what you originally had.

The upstream connection if anything is ever so slightly worse, but that is mostly from the rise from the Noise Margin which will increase as the upstream will be capped at that speed.

Could you check your line to see if there are any BT Junction boxes?

Why I asked about your exchange and possibility of FTTC is because when it becomes available it might be better for you to switch to it. Your exchange is currently planned to get FTTC by the end of September. Sky Fibre should become available some time after that, but it could be days, weeks or a few months.

As your line keeps dropping could you perform a quiet line test please? Using just a corded telephone in the Test socket, dial '0' and listen for any noise. Ideally there should be very little. What you are listening for is any crackling or loud hiss. You may get some high pitched noise like a fax machine and perhaps some faint background hiss. These would be fine.

If there is any loud noise or crackling, it is time to call Sky to arrange for BTO to fix your line.

Whilst the documentation suggests that DLM will cause your line to drop, it isn't normal for your line to drop so often.