Good morning all, my first post here but I have found this board very helpful but need to trouble you directly now.

I have been with Sky BB for a few years and have recently been having problems. the connection has been cutting out every two to 5 minutes. this has been getting worse for about 2 months. Assuming it was something simple at my end I have done the following:

reset the router
Replaced the ADSL Cable (brand new)
Replaced the ADSL Filter (brand new)
checked uPNP was turned off (it was)
Checked the connection in the BT Master socket
Checked the line repeatedly with BT (no faults)
Replaced Sky Sagem router (with the help of this board) with a Belkin one
checked uPNP was turned off in the new router (it was)
Tested wirelessly and with ethernet cable
Tested whilst pushing ADSL Cable in to ensure snug fit

All to no avail. I can't post my stats right now as I'm at work. On speed test The best I can get, when the connection last long enough to do a test is 3mb. 1mb is more common. I will be calling sky tonight but can anyone give me any pointers on how to get to the point quickly? I'm really loosing my patience here and dont want to spend an hour been told to turn it off and turn it back on again.

Sorry if I'm wating anyones time and this has been answered, couldnt see anything but might be wood for the trees etc.

Many thanks