new 2504 router has now stopped me getting to slingbox solo from is still visible as a connected device (wired) on the LAN... have read about port forwarding etc but to be honest don't understand if approp to my problem or how I set it up. The guided auto-setup routine for the router via does not work a sit did with my previous router.

other issue is that i want also to add a hub to the end of the ethernet cable currently serving the slingbox so i can connect to sky+ hd box for anytime+. what speed hub should I use with the 2504 (10/100 or gigabit) and would it in any way affect any port forwarding i may set up to access the slingbox. for completeness...the router and slingbox are about 20 metres apart and a wired connection is far more productive than wireless...even with the new 2504

step-by-step help would be good on both points and please assume I know nothing !