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    Sick to death of (dis)Connect

    This is a discussion on Sick to death of (dis)Connect within the Sky Broadband help forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; When I'm at uni, I get Virgin Media 30mb, so maybe I'm used to a very decent internet connection, but ...

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      Sick to death of (dis)Connect

      When I'm at uni, I get Virgin Media 30mb, so maybe I'm used to a very decent internet connection, but when I come home at weekends/holidays I have to deal with Sky Connect.

      Firstly, they gave us the whole "we'll upgrade your exchange within 3 months" bull****, 2 years ago or something, but I've went over that in about every post I've made here.

      We've almost came to accept the fact there isn't an internet provider with enough brains to install their own equipment in our exchange, and thus, monopolise the broadband in this relatively large village. So we have to deal with Connect.

      What I CANNOT deal with anymore is the awful quality that Connect brings. Speedwise, it's alright.... at 3am, any other time we're usually reduced to 1990's speeds. Gaming, again it's alright if you like burning the midnight oil to play; 4-12 though it's ridiculous.

      This evening alone is taking the **** though, it's disconnected several times, the router that is.

      Sky seriously need to sort their act out. I can't believe they're legally getting away with telling potential customers that their exchanges will be upgraded, only to then tell us point blank over a year later that it will likely never be upgraded. It's an awful way to treat customers, and it surely cannot be legal.

      The second someone sets up their own hardware in our exchange we'll be jumping ship. What ****** me off most, is that we'd have left Sky ages ago if it weren't for the fact they are the only TV provider around here.

      Here's my router stats if anyone cares to have a look, it would be appreciated.

      System Up Time: 00:12:04
      Port Status TxPkts RxPkts Collisions Tx B/s Rx B/s Up Time
      WAN PPPoA 29718 35623 0 3198 46431 00:11:14
      LAN 0 0 0 0 0 00:00:00
      WLAN 37623 31600 0 139597 11785 00:05:19
      ADSL Link Downstream Upstream
      Connection Speed 8128 kbps 448 kbps
      Line Attenuation 26.5db 14.5db
      Noise Margin 7.9db 20.0db

      Sort it out Sky.

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      Re: Sick to death of (dis)Connect

      Your stats could not be better. It is possible your router is starting to fail, try another if you have one. If you don't all you can do is call Sky and see if they will replace it.

      You might want to consider going to another ISP. Although there is only BT available, all ISPs are not equal, Plusnet is well recommended. The fact that you have Sky TV has nothing to do with it. You are unable to get Anytime+ and get no discount for having TV.


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      Useful Utilites TCPOptimiser /Test Socket

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      Re: Sick to death of (dis)Connect

      Hi Rossgtm

      I work for tech support for sky and i feel your pain... Connect or offnet customers are suffering with rubbish speeds and poor connection... When i started working for sky, they stated that over 90% of exchanges were to be upgraded by this year and customers would automatically be transfered over to onnet (unlimited) services... Unfortunately this has not happened for some customers... What i would do is call sky and ask them to check through chordiant by doing a standalone dsl check to see if onnet is available... Also i know there is trials ongoing with a few members of staff on FTTP (fibre optics) so sky are upgrading their broadband services in the npot too far distant future... Other than that i would advise calling BT if you cant wait any longer and see if their FTTC services are available in your area... I have it and can personally vouch for it as i have not had any issues that were not sorted with a restart and is also excellent with online gaming, streaming video ect ect...

      Hope this helps...



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