Just been on the phone tosky as dlm has finished and im sorry to offend and sky cs agents but the guy on the phone was a dick and has left me fuming.
I asked to put back the gamer profile and he couldnt because im on a bt line as a connect customer, it took 5 mins of argueing with him to point out its not a conenct line, then gaming profile doesnt exist. Have a look at my notes i said and you will see it does, 15mins later he comes back and im now on gaming profile, so i check with a ping to the bbc. Finally, hes got, he then metioned he has profiled my line again, for max speed. Oh great thats brilliant, i though, then i asked him whats it synced at,ive lost 1mb download and my upstream as lost 300k,pointed out that it was better than that before he started and suprisingly he didnt agree. I cant be bothered arguing with him and ended the call.

Where are the proper engineers at sky, and can someone help me get hold of one.