Okay, trying to cut a long story short, I signed up for sky broadband unlimited online on sep 8th through a cashback company called quidco who were offering 100 cashback at the time. Order went through fine with sky but for some reason did not track with Quidco. I was advised to cancel order and put it through again as cashback would not be paid. Cancelled order for sky talk etc. and broadband 3 days later, but was told it would take up to 72 hours to disappear from my account. Two weeks later and about 20 phone calls, order finally disappered from my account and I thought I would be able to make a repeat order online. Oh no, not so easy, kept getting the message you already have sky broadband etc. etc. Lots more phone calls and false promised from sky that they would remove all history on my account so I could repeat the order, but nothing changed. Eventually was told to wait for 30 days from date or order and everything would be sorted. Applied for second Mac code from my existing supplier, and now over 6 weeks later am still getting same message stating I already have sky broadband. Have made numerous more phone calls, constantly passed around from pillar to post but nobody actually being able to do anything or take responsibility. Obviously the cashback was an incentive for ordering broadband and I really have wanted to receive it, but also I do not want this MAC code to expire. Have been told I can place order over the phone but then would not be eligible for cashback and there is nothing else they can offer apart from put in an official complaint. Has anyone got any ideas?