On Wednesday I changed my D-Link 2740B for a D-Link 2740R, as the 2740B was causing issues with my Apple TV. Ever since installing the 2740R, my net connection goes down every 6-10hrs and 2-5 minutes later it comes back up with a different Download / Upload speed. Is this the line just getting used to my new router and it's trying to find the optimal speed, or do I have an issue somewhere? I am currently directly into the Engineers / Test socket.

My current router stats are:

Status: Showtime

Downstream Upstream
Rate (Kbps): 17101 kbps 1008 kbps

SNR Margin (dB): 6.3 9.0
Attenuation (dB): 26.0 14.6
Output Power (dBm): 20.3 12.3

Super Frames: 6459 6472
RS Correctable Errors: 177 2
RS Uncorrectable Errors: 0 1

HEC Errors: 0 0
Total Cells: 13221 9983
Data Cells: 6870 4546
Bit Errors: 0 0

Thanks in advance.