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    Line disconnecting & noise problem

    This is a discussion on Line disconnecting & noise problem within the Sky Broadband help forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; I have been on Sky Unlimited for about 20 months. I have never had a problem and I normally sync ...

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      Line disconnecting & noise problem

      I have been on Sky Unlimited for about 20 months. I have never had a problem and I normally sync with the exchange between 17016 and 17022 kbps upline and 921 to 929 downline.. My line attenuation is normally 23.5 to 24 Db. I don't normally turn my router off and I have uptimes in excess of 20 days with the same IP address.
      My setup. I have a cordless phone plugged via a filter into the downstairs main socket which is the old type with NO test socket. The only other equipment plugged in to my phone system is my Sky supplied Sagem F@st 2504 router which is plugged in, via a filter in an upstairs extension socket. This extension is at the end of 2 daisy -chained extensions. The router is connected using the Sky supplied grey cable and the Sky yellow ethernet cable.
      Problems started about 10 days ago. I had been on holiday and the router had been turned off for about a fortnight (I don't know if this has any bearing but I'll mention it anyway) On 16 July I returned home, the router started up as expected and my connection was fine. On 21 July I suddenly lost my broadband connection. I left things for half an hour and when my connection returned I found that my download speed was around 2000 kbps, a drop of approx 15000 and that my line attenuation was showing as 46 Db (normally around 24). Over the next few hours my connection improved and I was syncing between 15300 and 15700 kbps. My line attenuation was showing 26Db. Over the next few days I realised that every time I went to my PC I had a different IP address indicating frequent resyncs with the exchange.
      I decided to carry out a quiet line test on 17070 (I have a BT line). This test showed a fair bit of noise on the line which I would describe as being like running water along with the occasional crackle. I used a corded phone for this. I had purchased 2 filters from ADSL Nation about 6 months ago so I replaced them with the original Sky supplied filters but got the same results. I then phoned BT and asked them to check the line. They got back to me to say that the line was fine but it appeared as though there might be a problem with equipment within my house.
      I then carried out another line test, listened to the noise and when I disconnected my router it immediately disappeared, connected up the router again and the noise came back straightaway.
      Over the next few hours I realised that every time a phone call was made or received my connection would drop, either during the call or more usually within 4 or 5 seconds of the call ending. This was obviously the cause of the frequent resyncing. This morning I completely unplugged the phone and moved the router plugging it in at the main socket downstairs. After 10 minutes it was still trying to sync with the exchange with the internet light flashing orange 6 or 7 times then disappearing then flashing 6 or 7 times again. I had to go out so I replaced the router back in the upstairs extension socket and left it turned off.
      When I came home I turned on the router and it went through the same procedure flashing orange intermittently but not giving a steady green light.
      After about 5 minutes I phoned Sky and just as I got through my broadband reconnected. I have since then put back my more expensive ADSL Nation filters.
      The Tier 1 person I spoke to was very helpful and immediately appreciated the problem. He tried to manually resync at 17.9Mbps but it wouldn't play ball syncing at around 14300kbps. On his instruction I reset the router pressing the reset button. This was about the only thing I hadn't tried but it made no difference.
      My problem is being escalated to CST but it may be 3 days or so before I hear from them
      I have attached 2 screen shots. One of the router stats when router only plugged into master socket and the second when router was plugged into the upstairs extension and phone plugged into master socket.
      I haven't a clue what's going on. Only other thing I can think of is changing the router. I don't have another and the boy I spoke to at Tier 1 wasn't too keen on sending out a new one till CST had had a go.
      Main Socket

      Extension socket

      Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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      Re: Line disconnecting & noise problem

      Get yourself one of these and install it at your master socket. Keep your router there.

      This will rule out any internal wiring issues. If you still face issues after replacing it then it will either be your router or your line in general.

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      Re: Line disconnecting & noise problem

      BT would take a dim view to that socket replacing the master, you should fit an NTE5 and filtered faceplate if going that route.
      run-IT-direct, For all your networking, ADSL & telecom requirements.



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