After the DLM had completed I was on 15358kbps down & 1117kbps up.

I felt the DLM had been a little conservative with these & contacted Sky.

They made some adjustment & my downstream went up to 15700kbps but upstream dropped to 766kbps.

Contacted them again & they got my upstream up to 1153kbps. Result!

However, that final adjustment won't stick & whatever is done it will drop back to 767kbps.

Just looked at the router stats (with routerstats as I'm using my DGN2000) & this is what I see:-


Noise Margin: 7.4 dB
Connection Rate: 15722 Kbps
Line Attenuation: 31.5 dB
Power: 18.4 dBm
Max Rate: 17640 Kbps


Noise Margin: 18.7 dB
Connection Rate: 767 Kbps
Line Attenuation: 12.2 dB
Power: 8.1 dBm
Max Rate: 1183 Kbps

I believe my problem is down to the upstream power being too low. I seem to think this should be around 12 not 8 .

Am I correct in this thought & if I am should I be contacting Sky as this indicates an exchange issue I think?