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    Increase my upload speed

    This is a discussion on Increase my upload speed within the Sky Broadband help forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; Hi, I am trying to get my upload speed increased. Unfortunately whenever I ask Sky about it I don't get ...

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      Increase my upload speed

      Hi, I am trying to get my upload speed increased. Unfortunately whenever I ask Sky about it I don't get a response.

      I recently asked them in an email 3 questions about the following.
      1. Download speed.
      2. MER
      3. Upload speed.

      Well I got a response about 1 & 2, but they didnt respond about 3.

      When I first connected to Sky I got a default speed of
      4096 kbps download
      945 kbps upload

      Due to problems with the Sagem 2304N my speeds didnt get set properly, eventually leading to my download speed having to be set manually once the problems were sorted (although I have lost 220 kbps download with no satisfactory explanation, it was doing 9989 after the manual set)

      Yet whenever I ask about upload I get no response.

      Here is an extract from my latest e-mail from them :-

      Thank you for contacting Sky Help Centre. We are unable to increase your line speed as it already been configured to offer 10Mbps, but the line will not match it. Below is the configuration settings for the internet connection:
      Port Status Up
      Trained In Download Speed 9787 Kbps
      Trained In Upload Speed 797 Kbps
      Configured Download Speed 10240 Kbps
      Configured Upload Speed 800 Kbps
      Max Attainable Rate Down 10820 Kbps

      ...MER (answer) *snip*...

      The automatic system we use is Dynamic Line Management that optimises the service as high as possible. We cannot force the line speed to increase if the system is already being asked to provide a higher speed that what it will provide.

      My router stats

      System Up Time: 381:00:32
      Port Status TxPkts RxPkts Collisions Tx B/s Rx B/s Up Time
      WAN MER 9133492 13809174 0 2147483647 2147483647 380:59:47
      LAN Up 12272017 7829696 0 2094291211 2147483647 381:00:32
      WLAN Up 2165751 1615825 0 2147483647 378581765 381:00:13
      ADSL Link Downstream Upstream
      Connection Speed 9787 kbps 797 kbps
      Line Attenuation 39.0 dB 23.7 dB
      Noise Margin 3.4 dB 14.2 dB

      Once again I got 945 kbps up when I 1st conncected to Sky.
      I reckon I should be getting at least 945 kbps up now & possibly a bit more, instead of the 797 kbps that I'm currently getting (I know they have set it to 800 kbps).

      But for some strange reason I cannot seem to provoke a response from Sky about my upload speed.

      So I would like to know if peeps agree I should be able to get more uploiad speed, & I would also like to know how to get a response from Sky about this, as they seem to just ignore it.
      Is the pub open yet?

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      Re: Increase my upload speed

      Phone instead, they can do it there and then

      Useful Sticky: - How To Obtain Your Router Stats, BT Speed Test, Check For Test Socket

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      Re: Increase my upload speed

      Hi Ssscrudddy,

      Looking at your stats there does look like there can be a little improvement for your upload speed. In order to have this done I would suggest going through the contact us section of the help centre and selecting the relevant drop downs for broadband technical queries.

      An adviser within the contact will need to access your account and look at the profile of your line. It would probably be best to speak to an adviser about your line profile in order to have a more involved discussion.
      Sky eService Team

      Sky Help Centre
      My Sky and Sky iD



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