I was due to leave home at 10am this morning for a business trip upto Hull.

From about 9am I was using the internet and then at about 9:30am it just dropped.

Did the usual reboot the computer and router but this time had no effect.

Looked at router status by logging in as admin and found that PPP Server was down. Also solid amber light on the front of Sagem router.

After about 30 minutes I got a solid green and 'connected' status and thought all was well but seems that is just the underlying connection and can't serve any data connection (internet, mail, game server) over it.

Tried other things like

connecting to test socket
isolating router from rest of net work
connecting computer directly to router (wired)
connecting over wireless
using different devices - win7, winXP, ubuntu linux, Android 2.3, Wii, PSP

Tried my netgear old router which I had repaired after it had died and been replaced.

Again this connects but won't serve any data.

I did notice that when I brought the router up and the connection made it would serve data for about 30-60 secs before dying.

As a last resort rang Sky, went though the usual patronising script. Eventually they said they would have to excalate it, to which I said good as at this time I was already 1.5 hours late leaving for my business trip.

Just as I had shut everything down she said - oh I have to ask you to clear your browser history. I pointed out that I had tried many different computers with different browsers and some connections that weren't even going through a browser. But she insisted saying that unless I did it she wouldn't escalate the call.

So already very late, I simply claimed to have done it and it didn't make a difference. It annoys me when they demand that you destroy data on your computer to satisfy their script when you know full well that it won't have any effect (especially given or the evidence that you have provided).

To be honest I'm expecting it to be an exchange problem which will get fixed without my intervention. My frustration was that I was going away for a few days leaving my family without any internet services.