ok, i had a reply off sky:

Thank you for your email regarding your slow connection.
I have run a line test this afternoon and found your downstream speed to be 14981kbps (14.9mb).
We are unable to reconfigure your line speed to the maximum it can hold (16280kbps).
The line test confirmed that there are 137,395 errors on your line (3,025 of which are critical). This is normally caused by the physical setup at home.
To resolve your slow connection issue, please follow these steps:-
*Ensure that you are connected to the main BT mastersocket.
*Ensure that you have a microfilter plugged into every telephone point in your house and change were possible.
*Try to avoid using telephone extension cables where possible or use high quality cables, as poor quality cables may cause your broadband signal to deteriorate.
*If you have more than one computer connected simultaneously to your Sky Broadband Box then your connection may appear slow due to your bandwidth being shared between multiple computers.

Please check the speed at which your broadband box is connecting to the Internet, follow the outlined steps:
Open a new browser window
Type into the address bar
The username is admin
The password is sky
Under the sub heading Modem you will see your downstream connection speed.
This speed is an indication of what your line is actually capable of on your current package.

If you require further assistance, please reply to this email so we can escalate your issue to our higher technical team were applicable.
Kind regards,
Sky Help Centre