Hi all,

I am having problems port forwarding the DG934G Sky router, For some reason when I try to port forward the port '25565' it just simply doesn't work, At all. But if I use an alternate port like '43594' people can connect to my server. I'm using the port to host a private Minecraft server, So when people connect they have to type myIP:43594 as it's a non-standard port, I would prefer to use 25565 as they then don't have to type the port at the end, It's really just for simplicity.

What could be a possible reason?

I was testing the ports by having apatche webserver listen on these ports, after I found out that one port doesn't work. And neither does typing myIP:25565, I tried various utilities to get through, I could connect locally also, Through another computer by typing just my local IP to connect so it isn't the server.

Thanks in advance!