I actually got through to an engineer the other night. He said there did appear to be a few faults on my line, he got me to do a lot of tests using the test socket and got me to swap routers.

I'm not sure what he did but the static went away, he also said I had been capped at 3 mb, when these recent tests showed I could get about 8mb. Sure enough after he took the cap of I was connecting at about 7.9.

Logged on today to find I have been capped at 3mb yet again, very annoyed about this, glad I requested the mac code. I pay for unlimited so I am annoyed I was quoted the wrong speed in the first place, and more annoyed now they have reverted me to that speed without contacting me to explain why.

Anyway just wanted to update and say thanks, your guys advice helped me with the engineer. My line is still perfectly clear and the engineer thought it was the filter and mentioned a few faults on my line.