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    Slower Speed on D-link...

    This is a discussion on Slower Speed on D-link... within the Sky Broadband help forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; Hello, My black Sky Netgear router died and Sky sent me a replacement - a D-Link. The reported speed by ...

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      Slower Speed on D-link...


      My black Sky Netgear router died and Sky sent me a replacement - a D-Link. The reported speed by the D-Link is about 1meg slower than the Netgear. Is this expected?

      I have called Sky and explained the drop in speed, but they insisted that my line is showing a speed of around 15meg at their end, but my router reports less:

      ADSL Link Downstream Upstream
      Connection Speed 13795 kbps 884 kbps
      Line Attenuation 26.0db 15.2db
      Noise Margin 7.3db 8.5db

      Is there anything I can do to try and bring the speed back up again?

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      Re: Slower Speed on D-link...

      i get the same issue as you, the netgear sync's at a lower attenuation and higher speed.

      the dlink for me is around 500kbs slower and the attenuation rises between 1.5 and 2 higher then the netgear.

      i dont think sky would do anything about it to be honest.

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      Re: Slower Speed on D-link...

      It may be worth changing the filter you are using. They do wear out over time and if your are using the same one you had previously, it might have been damaged when the Netgear router died.

      Sky Fibre Unlimited Pro: Connected at 80,000 kbps / 20,000 kbps
      Previous ADSL2+ Speed 19999 kbps 1153 kbps, Line Attenuation 17.5 db 6.9 db, Noise Margin 7.5 dB 8.7 dB
      Speedtest: 17.15MB/s 0.97Mb/s Ping 31 ms

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      Re: Slower Speed on D-link...

      The difference in sync rate and the reported attenuation is likely to be down to the different chipsets used in the routers, although if you also swapped over adsl filters for the ones supplied with the new router, it might be worth trying the ones you were previously using in case the new ones aren't as good.

      The Black Netgear has the TI-AR7 chipset, the D-link has the new broadcom 6328 chipset. I think it is more common for broadcom based routers to sync at a higher rate than AR7 ones, although the chipset in the DSLAM is also an important factor. I believe the D-link's chipset is a low cost one, so I suppose it is possible that it might not perform as well the Broadcom 6348 and 6358 chipsets.

      If you have a good line, it is possible to lower the target noise margin on the D-link, which should result in a higher sync rate, providing that your connection isn't capped. If you lower it by too much though, it will result in adsl errors, causing dropped packets and lower throughput. Also, typically the SNR will fall in the evening, so if you tweak the noise margin during the day, you need to allow for that.

      If you want to tweak the noise margin, select advanced from the option menu in my program.
      Mel's Notes: Sky D-Link DSL-2640S Router Password Extractor. and use the slider to select -1db or so, then click the execute button. You can use the adsl stats button in the program to check for CRC and HEC errors to see if you've gone too low. The tweak does not survive a reboot of the router.

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      Re: Slower Speed on D-link...

      Its the other way around for me
      I sync at 20479 with no tweaking on the d-link
      i had to set it to 80% on my sagem

      I also sync upstream 1030 now was 984 on the sagem
      my local dslam seems to like d-link's

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      Re: Slower Speed on D-link...

      Ultimately, does it actually make a difference?? Don't mean that in a bad way but if the connection works then surely 100KB isn't much of an issue...

      Useful Sticky: - How To Obtain Your Router Stats, BT Speed Test, Check For Test Socket



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