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    Why did this happen?!

    This is a discussion on Why did this happen?! within the Sky Broadband help forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; About 2 months ago, My phone line went dead and I couldnt recieve or make calls there was also no ...

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      Why did this happen?!

      About 2 months ago, My phone line went dead and I couldnt recieve or make calls there was also no dialing tone. At the same time my broadband went kaput! Ive been with sky since March 2006 thats almost 5 years now!

      After that my phone line came back up, and I got a message from a cockney sounding fella saying "Sorry mate there was a problem at the exchange and I fixed it now and it should all be working fine.."

      Checked with my friend who lives next door, he also has exactly the same sky package with phone and broadband and he hasnt had any problems.

      I called sky, they couldnt figure it out... Even tho I explained to them what happend, and after they ended up contacting BT which then advised them to cancel the broadband from my phone line and account (It wasnt on my phone line anyway)

      They put a order in on the 20 something of October (Problem started on 14th and I phoned them on that day!)

      Then they phoned me on the 12th of November saying they didnt put the order thorught correctly and then the lady said we have to order it again (Which by far is ridiculos since I was still paying for it)

      So now my estimated date of activation is the 29th of November, I recieved a router and a letter from sky like I have just taken broadband out for the first time.

      Im wondering, now. Im also very worried. That maybe I wont get broadband?...

      I am also wondering on how do I get my money back as thats 2 months without broadband plus the initial hassle of this whole situation..

      Any advice would be deeply appreiciated.

      - PS Posting this from friends house .

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      Re: Why did this happen?!

      I'm a bit confused, you phone went dead, then you received a phone message saying it had been fixed? I assume it was fixed, so what was your problem? Just because your next door neighbour's line had not had a problem does not mean yours hadn't. I don't understand why you called Sky about it and this seems to have been the start of your problems. Why BT should say the broadband and phone should be cancelled, I don't know, if your phone and broadband were working OK, why should it be cancelled? What do you mean when you say "It wasnt on my phone line anyway"? Didn't you have a phone line?

      If Sky have sent you another router, it looks like someone at Sky has made a mess of things, given the circumstances I'm not surprised. All you can do now is wait until Sky reinstate your line and broadband and when they do that, put your claim in for the inconvenience it has caused and the payments you have made for no service.


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