This will warm the hearts of all Sky users in the UK.

After several days of frustration with other matters I decided to have a go at remote access today from my HP Mediasmart EX470. I had read a fair bit and collected lots of posts in my internet favourites because it was going to be hard yes?


Despite many tales of woe on the net it worked right first time with no help.

I can claim no credit. I turned on remote access in the console's settings and let the wizard configure my router (running the original Sky tamper proof firmware). Everyone else on the net says run the newest firmware, open this or that port and fiddle with the firewall but no need in this case.

When completed and I had gone through the process, just follow the prompts, I was dying to go to work or perhaps next door to see what would not connect - because Alex Kuretz says you probably have to because most of us , especially with rotten routers do not have "loopback". I think this means that in most cases you cannot access remotely from your own house. Imagine my surprise therefore when iI typed the address into Explorer, the log in came up and I was in!!!!!

I even managed eventually to access a computer (you cannot on anything running "Home") having first changed the internet tools security setting by adding my domain name to Trusted Sites. Then three more little jobs. Give the XP Pro machine you want to access a password if it does not have one then, in Windows Firewall check the "allow remote access" in the exceptions tab remembering to allow exceptions in the general tab. Finally right click my Computer and navigate to System Properties, Remote and check the allow remote access box.

All done!

I dare say in the next few days I will find something that will not work but for now I have that smug feeling you get once in every 100 jobs where everything goes right first time. so time to quit whilst I am ahead and eat dinner with my lovely wife.

Best wishes,