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You would connect the wires going to your extension to the A-B terminals, which are unfiltered. It does not matter what colour the wires are as long as you use the same coloured pair. I am not sure about what socket you have on the extension. If it has 2 separate connections then you would run one coloured pair from the A-B terminals to the ADSL connection and run another pair from the 2-5 terminals to the phone connection. If it only has one connection in, one pair of wires would do, but you would need to plug the phone into a filter.
Thank you for that. To clarify, the extension socket that I have upstairs (when I fit it whilst doing all this) will have two separate connections. One for the ADSL modem to plug into and the other for the phone line/sky box . Both of which would be unfiltered and remove the need for the filter as I understand it. So you have confirmed what I thought

I know we've gone off track a little talking about extensions and wiring and faceplates, but want to thank you both again for the information you've given me in my thread, it's been most helpful and appreciated!