Hello, I am a customer with the "middle" package (up to 8mb i think) but am struggling with slow speeds.

I have a few extensions internally, but not many are used, one is though, and must remain, and it is quite a long internal run unfortunately. I have isolated / disconnected pin 3 on the extensions some time ago.

This week, i am going to disconnect most of the internal wiring, leaving only the absolutely necessary in place. I have also just moved my router from an extension socket to the master socket, and run a cat 5 cable under through several rooms under the carpet to the PC instead. Up to now, the changes have made no difference.

I have also ordered one of these :-

[img]img.auctiva.com/.../8/5/webimg/191292019_tp.jpg[/img] so i can remove the microfilters incase they are contributing.

Am i correct in thinking that by filtering the ADSL at the master socket with the above faceplate, and feeding the ADSL straight to the router at the master socket, that this will reduce the negative effect i am having by having such a long internal extension as only "voice" is being sent round the house on the internal wiring, and the ADSL is going straight to the router via the shortest possible route? or am i barking up the wrong tree here?

Here are my stats:-

According the my stats, what sort of speed should i be expecting? I used to get around 2mbps until recently.

Once i've redone the internal wiring, is there anything i need to get "reset" by sky? or will it just sort itself if its going to? (reason i ask is, once before (8 months or so ago) i had slow internet, and rang sky, and they did something at their end which quickly increased it, however it has since slowed down again!

Grateful for all your help