The only connections you require on the rear of the faceplate is terminals 2 & 5, these will then link up to the extension sockets.

In theory, any colour can be connected to these as long as they are the same on the other end. Normal practice is to use the blue and the blue white colours but as I said it really doesn't matter.

If you have any unused extension sockets, you may want to disconnect them and if you really want to get the best out of your connection, I would fit a new NTE5 mastersocket and a filtered faceplate, this will ensure that none of your internal wiring will harm the ADSL signal.

You should be able to get the new NTE5 socket with filtered faceplate for around the 20.

There are a couple of users who post here quite regularly (Runitdirect & ADSL Nation) who will supply these for you and also offer a discount for SkyUser users. Remember to also get the IDC tool to connect them up, just the cheap one will do.

It is a very simple job to do and could make a big difference, 15 minutes max.