We have just got sky broadband, changing over from BT. We never had a problem with wireless connection with BT, but since changing to SKY we can't get connected (wireless). I was on the phone for 1 1/2 hours yesterday trying, the advisor trying everthing to no avail. He then said he couldn't do anymore and that I need to contact PC manufacturer (which I thought was strange), as I didn't need to do this with BT. Anyway a little later I discovered (which I am embarrased about), that the wireless connection light was off on the my PC. Anyway so I tried to connect again, this time I connected signal strength excellent but I couldn't receive any information. On phoning SKY back (apparently based in UK, i aren't convinced), they refused to offer any further help and that I should still contact my PC manufacturer, something to do with my wireless adaptar not configuring with the sky router (sagem). I don't they are right. Could someone please offer me some advice, I must warn you I am not very technical, I feel that I have hit a brick wall with SKY help though.