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    Quiet Line Test

    This is a discussion on Quiet Line Test within the Sky Broadband help forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; Introduction I have noticed that many people that post on the forums do seem to have problems with speed. Of ...

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      Quiet Line Test


      I have noticed that many people that post on the forums do seem to have problems with speed. Of course there are already an number of posts which deal with the problem, as it can be caused by many factors. With winter there could be a problem which does become a little more common.
      As with any type of cabling that runs underground it will never last forever, even with the best engineering. Problems like water and oxidisation are common on the BT network. If there is a slight increase in the resistance over an AC, then the effects can be quite significant. This means water ingress and bad joints will effect your broadband connection and speeds and reliability.
      What happens is that water gets into the joints made along the line which causes them the oxidise, which creates resistance, and can be seen if a white power like substance appears on the top off a cable. The type of fault is called a high resistance/ High Open Fault and IS a fault on the BT Network.
      The only problem is that it takes time for the resistance to get to a level where it begins to effect the voice frequencies of 4khz, but will effect ADSL frequencies much earlier. Usual effect that you will find on a phone service is crackling and popping on the line, which may ease out after you have had the phone off the hook for a while.


      The common symptoms in the early stages are a very unreliable internet connection. At this stage it is difficult to prove that the fault is on the BT network as it could be something else.

      However in the later stages, you will find that your internet connection does not come on without the phone being off the hook, or keeps dropping out.
      When you pick up the phone you hear a crackling or popping.

      If you think that this may be the cause of your problems there is a very simple test to check.
      1) Get a corded working phone and plug it into your test socket. Instructions on finding your test socket can be found here: Sky User - Help and Support for Sky and Sky Broadband - How to test your Master Socket

      2) Dial 17070 on the phone, you should get through to BT line Test Facilities.

      3) Then Choose option 2, Quiet Line Test

      4) At this stage you should hear absolutely nothing. It would help if you pressed the 'Secrecy' button on your phone as your phones mic may introduce noise.

      5) If you do hear some form of noise be it a Buzz, Hum or cracking and popping, make a note of the time.

      6) Repeat the test at another time say in a few hours and then the next day at the same time. For instance if you do the test in the day then when it is dark then maybe again. This is just so that you can say when the problem is happening.

      7) If you are confident that the problem is persistent and you know the times it occurs then ring up you PHONE service provider and report it as a fault.

      8) If at the time that the engineer comes there is no fault, then mention the times which it does occur.

      The problem with this type of fault is that it can be there but only occur at certain times, maybe when it is dark, or when it is raining, windy or something like that so you need to be sure when it occurs, to avoid being charged for the call out.

      This is a Phone Service fault and not a ADSL fault, but it does effect your ADSL connection.
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      Re: Quiet Line Test

      It is not called a silent line test, there is no such thing as a silent telephone line, (unless it is dissconnected) All telephone exchanges produce some noise and this is normaily a low hiss, but they may be a buzz as well, what is important is that the noise should not vary, and there should be no crackle or pops.



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