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Your speedtest is very close to your stats. Also with regards to the gaming side have you asked sky to reduce your pings, as this looks high on your stats?
the speed test i did before sky buggered up my perfectly good connection

i was syncing in at nearly 2800kbps...

as for pings that what i thought it might of been before i posted..

the 2560kbps i managed to get by playing with mels notes... i usally sync in at 1856kbps.. which is rubbish

my sagem wont go above 1700kbps for some odd reason and their is no tweaker like mels notes for it... so i dont bother using it..

the loading has improved slightly 32m/s when i do a ping test in cmd... for bbc

ive got vista only as my old pc which has xp died on me...

but when i was playing gta4 on my ps3 the other night i think it was wed it was very laggy and last night it was fine...

does ping come under slow connection with sky?