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    Please please help me

    This is a discussion on Please please help me within the Sky Broadband help forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; My father in law has just got Sky broadband, on our recommendation, after we got it a few months back. ...

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      Please please help me

      My father in law has just got Sky broadband, on our recommendation, after we got it a few months back.

      Now we've had no trouble at all, but he just can't seem to get connected.

      He lives too far away to just pop round so I've been trying to talk him through it all on the phone. He set up a wired connection as the leaflet and CD described, everything went fine but he cannot get connected.

      In network connection it just said not connected and nothing I can do will change that. I got him to use the CD and it said you can now start surfing, but when he tries to view a webpage it will not load and gives the usual msg when you're not online, or says the website is busy.

      I've given up with the wired connection and we're trying wireless, using belkin G+ mimo, which picked up his Sky router instantly. He's entered his encryption code and tires to connect but it just won't.

      I'm banging my head against a brick wall with this, ours works instantly, fool proof I thought, but clearly it's not.

      Any help much appreciated please. Particuarly if I've missed anything, ie changed from wired to wireless.

      damsel in distress

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      Re: Please please help me

      There are others probably better able to help than me, but this sounds as if the router isn't connecting to the internet. You could test this, by asking him to go back to wired, open internet explorer and type in the router address usually The Log on details are usually Sky and admin iirc. If you can see this, then it has to be a problem from the router out. You don't say which router he has, it may help to ask him which lights are on the front. I'm sure that if you can post the router and lights details this can be intrepreted for you. I'm assuming that he has been told that his line has been activated, and that he has filters fitted to all phone points including the sky box? I would get him to check these first and then post back if he still has problems.

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      Re: Please please help me

      The Log on details are usually Sky and admin
      Vice-versa actually - user admin - password sky.

      I agree about trying wired first, this is much easier to set up. When he gets into the router tell him to pres the Sky Test button and see what it reports. If it gives an error of any kind, then he must phone Sky and tell them what error number he is getting.

      If the router reports that it is OK and connected, it is probably his security settings that is stopping it. He can usually check this by turning off the security, ie, AV and firewall and try to connect. This is not conclusive as some firewalls stay active although they have been disabled. The only way to check for sure is to start in Safe Mode with Networking, no other programs will be running then.

      Did he have another broadband ISP? If so uninstall any references to it in the Add/Remove list. If he was on dial up, go into the Control Panel>Internet options and make sure that 'Never dial a connection' is ticked. That should keep him going for a bit.


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