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    Slow broadband, useless support so far.

    This is a discussion on Slow broadband, useless support so far. within the Sky Broadband help forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; Well my BB was activated in early February and for the first couple of months we had trouble free connection. ...

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      Slow broadband, useless support so far.

      Well my BB was activated in early February and for the first couple of months we had trouble free connection. I am using the Connect package thanks to my local BT exchange using the old yoghurt pot and string technology. Nonetheless we were promised up to about 6Mbps which was far more than necessary but nice to know it would be fast, which it was for a bit.

      About 3 months ago the line started getting slow, speedtest from different servers revealed around 5-600kpbs and about a quarter of that upstream. So I phoned the tech support who got me to jump through all the hoops. Miraculously after a hard reset the speed picked up a bit, not back to what it was but certainly bearable.

      The last 2 months have been dire in terms of speed. The modem frequently proclaims a downstream speed of 6000-7000kbps and upstream of a 1/4 or so of that, however speedtests always come back with the same result of around 1/2 a meg. As the results were so consistent I supsected a cap had been placed on the line for whatever reason.

      Getting increasingly frustrated I phoned tech support who you guessed it got me to run round my house resetting things, trying the master socket and test socket under the faceplate, swapping filters all to no use at all. Finally a week ago they promised a BT engineer would investigate after supposedly elevating the complaint to the Customer Solutions Team.

      Yesterday the internet went off for a bit and came back on and the phone rang. Mr BT Engineer at my local exhange. He said there was a fault with one of the cards at the exchange and a 512k cap had been placed on the line. He said he had reset the card to clear the fault and he had to request the cap be lifted and this would occur within 24 hours. Well unsurprisingly the cap has not been lifted. So I have just spent another half an hour on the phone to I assume someone in Tier 1? Apparently someone will phone me back within 48 hours (I wait with baited breath) after investigating the problem but I fear I am just being fed a load of BS to keep me off their backs for another 48 hours. Ever since the supposed reset at the local exchange the modem stats have remained constant as posted below. I have tried all different filters, unplugged the walkabout phone (a common problem I gather) and tried the test socket but nothing shifts it one bit.

      Frankly I wish I had listened to the complaints about Sky I found online before I signed up and gone somewhere else or without. The customer service has frankly been disgraceful but I suppose the internet connection has been reliable, if utterly slow for 3 months. I really can't understand how companies get away with behaviour like this, I am seriously considering seeking legal advice since the way I see it Sky are defaulting on their contractual obligation to supply broadband but I suspect they have all bases covered.

      Current stats are as follows:

      ADSL Link Downstream Upstream
      Connection Speed 576 kbps 288 kbps
      Line Attenuation 31 db 8 db
      Noise Margin 29 db 29 db

      I am 3km (line length) from the exchange and the line attenuation seems a bit high perhaps? Something made me laugh the other day whilst speaking to a tech monkey. He said even if the router claimed a downstream connection speed of 5000kpbs then the max realstic download speed I should get is about 50KB/s (yes kilobytes not bits). Gotta love Chinese whispers tech support...

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      Re: Slow broadband, useless support so far.

      It sounds like a ticket has been opened, you should therefor get a call back from CST as soon as they get to your ticket, it may not be within 48 hours though and may be closer to 72. If there was a line fault that is now cleared at the BT end of things then you should see that sync speed inprove dramatically.



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