Rather than sticking little bits of information here and there, thought I'd have a general whinge/update on a seperate thread!

For several months now I have been suffering from various disconnection problems. I have gradually been discovering various problems, dealing with them, but still getting an overall disconnection - usually once a day during the evening some time. Last night it was around 8pm, night before 10pm .. sometimes I may miss a few nights (or just not notice them), sometimes it may be one disconnect and no more problems, sometimes it goes on for about an hour or so.

To begin with we thought we had tracked down the problem to dodgy internal wiring - despite checking previously and not finding any difference in connection, I checked again and discovered a major jump in speed and reduction in errors when connecting to the test socket. I invested in an ADSLNation master socket faceplate, fitted it, and all was well with the world - for two days. When I discovered that I had just been added to the DLM list.

There followed 10 or more days of problems, as seems common - the main problem being that, after the first couple of days, my connection went down to 0.4 (from around 3.5) and stayed there, without fluctuation, for the entire time.

Finally DLM finished - leaving me at that speed. Sky reset my connection to a decent speed (albeit slightly lower than I had prior to DLM) and since DLM I have had a much lower error rate.

However, 2 days or so after DLM finished, my daily disconnections started. I'm not sure if this was a continuation of pre-DLM problems, or if somehow DLM caused it to occur, but we're still struggling to find the cause.

BT engineers have moved my connection in the exchange, fiddled around in the "little green box" to change the connection between the exchange and the box, and have been to the house to check my own wiring, where no problems were found, despite his initial misgivings (and there were many!) about my new faceplate.

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this may be too much to ask, as you may not have followed him about! but did you notice if he used any test equipment, other than his lap top, I am thinking of a tdr, He may have called it a mole or hawk.
I'm apparently now about to get a visit from a Rains Team (something to do with tracking down random interference).

And yes, Brian ... a hawk was mentioned this time!