Ok, having switched from Virgin to Sky the other month, I received a final bill from Virgin - 4.35

However, due to a refund of a technical support call, I kept getting a seperate bill showing that I was always 2.35 in credit mid billinging month. I therefore copied the two bills and sent them along with a letter and a cheque for 2.00 balance to settle the account..... today I received a bill... for 4.35 !

I called them and spoke with a guy that confirmed the 2.35 credit, and then applied it to the account but he said they had no record of receiving my letter or my cheque. - Checked my balance online and no sign of the cheque being drawn.

So rather than writing off the two quid, they are going to raise a new corrected bill to show the correct balance of 2.00 and send that to me for payment. The cost of rasing the invoice, posting it, processing the payment and incurred back charges must cost more than what its worth.... !!