Well following other posts I have made over the last few weeks and the more recent one where my phone was cutting out my connection...I believe my problems may have been sorted. It took four, yes four BT engineers to come out over a period of two weeks to have a look before it was sorted. The first three did pretty much nothing, and kept doing the same thing the previous engineer did until 2hrs had passed then they said they cant do anymore because there 2hrs are up!!! 4th guy cam today and problem was solved I believe. Guy swapped the pairs further down the line so my connection is now running through different cables. Here are my stats . My noise margin does not move now, and holds at 7db, where as before within 10 secs it could go from 6db right up to 11db and back again.

Distance from exchange: 8.5km

Connection speed: 2042kbps down, line attenuation 63db, noise margin 7db.

Also apparently DLM is starting on my line for 8 days....I dare reboot the router. So far so good seems more stable than ever and noise margin aint moving. Fingers crossed.